Gary Bergh Scholarship Fund

The Gary Bergh Scholarship Fund is sponsored by the United Methodist Task Force on Peace with Justice in Palestine/Israel.   It was established in April 2009 in memory of Gary Bergh, a United Methodist pastor with a strong commitment to peacemaking in the Holy Land, and an advocate on many issues of social justice.

This scholarship is intended to increase contact with and awareness of life in Palestine/Israel.   “[We] join with Palestinian Christians as well as our Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters in feeling a deep sense of rootedness to the land that has special meaning for our three religious traditions.”   (U.M. Book of Resolutions)

The purpose of the Gary Bergh Scholarship Fund is to further the United Methodist stance that:  “We seek for all people in the region an end to military occupation, freedom from violence, and full respect for the human rights of all under international law.” (UMBOR)

This purpose will be advanced by:  a) sending young adults, (though not limited to that age group) on trips to Palestine/Israel to witness the situation there AND  b) sending young adults to attend U.S. conferences related to Palestine/Israel, in which their awareness of peace and justice issues will be increased.  After their trip  or conference, scholarship recipients will be expected to report to United Methodist and other faith and community groups, and to Congressional offices.  This will give more people an exposure to the current situation and allow ideas and actions toward peace and justice to move forward.

As people who believe that a just peace is possible, we seek your support. Our goal to raise $30,000 will enable several young people to learn “the facts on the ground” and communicate them to our New York community and beyond during the next five years.
Interested in a trip to the Holy Land? Or helping with the project?  Contact Karen Peterson: 607-739-3141.

Peace, salaam, shalom!

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